There are a multitude of options and opportunities as a member of the Phoenix Group. If you are a beginning school, we have a well-established curriculum, which provides consistency throughout the organization and has developed countless black belts and world champions. If you are established, it is also acceptable to have your own curriculum, as long as it meets the Phoenix Group and ITF standards. If you choose to follow the Phoenix Group curriculum, there is a three-person promotion board, which is present at all black belt testings and gives consistency to the quality of our black belts across the organization. Phoenix Group instructors are internationally certified by the ITF. It is also important to have an instructor within the Phoenix Group who will be your primary contact person to answer questions, provide guidance and recommend your promotions.


  • Is an Independent National Organization (INO); one of the International Taekwon-Do Federation’s officially recognized national bodies
  • Clubs are owned and taught by internationally certified instructors, linked to the ITF through the Phoenix Group
  • International successes bring invaluable experience to our local clubs
  • Works primarily on a consensus basis, when possible, eliminating political positions and stressing networking and co-operation
  • Currently has clubs and instructors residing in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Korea
  • Its instructors have been active in President Choi’s ITF since 2002, and was in the KTA, ITF or GTF since 1965


Joining the Phoenix Group opens many benefits to you and your students:

  • The ability to network with other instructors and schools dedicated to teaching and spreading traditional Chang Hun TaeKwon-Do
  • Training at sister schools when you travel
  • Seminars at your school
  • Superior training
  • Access to local, national, international, and world championships
  • ITF International Instructor Courses
  • ITF International Instructor Certification
  • ITF Master Classes (one-day seminars)
  • ITF Umpire Courses
  • ITF Umpire Certifications
  • ITF Black Belt Certificates, providing international recognition of rank
  • ITF Black Belt Status Cards, indicating current membership within the ITF
  • Receive a license to operate as an ITF school