Global Food Drive

Monday, January 1, 2024

Global Food Drive

10,537.4 kg /23,231 lbs

Huge Success 

The ITF food drive was a huge success and to quote President Choi, “This is the kind of work Taekwon-Do people should be trying to achieve….” On behalf of President Choi, the ITF thanks those who supported this united effort to make a real difference by helping those who are less fortunate.  

Brazil, England, India, and the United States all accepted President Choi’s invitation to collect food and donate to those in need. This first year of the initiative has resulted in a total of 10,537.4 kg (23,231 lbs.) of food, 1,400 meals, and $475 in cash donations given to orphanages, refugees, food banks, homeless shelters, and local charities worldwide.  

The Lebanese-American writer Khalil Gibran wrote, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” Every donation, whether big or small, provided sustenance to maintain and improve someone’s life.  Whether it was the 5-year-old boy who donated his allowance to buy meals, the 3-year-old student who donated 1 can of beans, or a family supplying 25 kg of rice, every act of kindness supported someone in need. When we all come together, we are strong, and we do make a difference.  

Thank you for demonstrating what Taekwon-Do is all about and giving back to your communities. Start planning for next year and let’s make it even more successful. Great job and thank you for your support.