Sunday, April 10, 2016

Black belt testing in Houston, Texas on April 9, 2016. A very special thank you to Grand Master Trevor Nicholls, Vice President and Secretary General of the ITF, for flying in to Houston for the testing.

Congratulations to the following people on their hard work and promotions:

  • Mr. David Hillary promoted to 6th Dan
  • Dr. Karen Kramer promoted to 6th Dan
  • Ms. Rachael Fraser promoted to 5th Dan
  • Mr. Evan Reynolds promoted to 3rd Dan
  • Ms. Emma Lev promoted to 2nd Dan
  • Mr. Braden Box promoted to 2nd Dan
  • Ms. Loan Nguyen promoted to 1st Dan
  • Mr. Blake Hernandez promoted to 1st Dan
  • Mr. Shane Roberts promoted to 1st Dan
  • Ms. Lisa Lundstedt promoted to 1st Kup
  • Mr. Jordan Bousfiha promoted to 1st Kup
  • Mr. Don Robb promoted to 1st Kup

Also a special thank you to the rest of the promotion board and all those who were instrumental in making the test a successful experience.