Say Goodbye to 2018

Sunday, January 6, 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, it is important that we reflect on our achievements this past year while we begin planning and looking forward to setting new goals, improving, and growing in the new year.  In 2018, we were well represented at the World Championships in Argentina, we promoted numerous individuals to the various ranks of black belt, and another member achieved the rank of 8thdegree black belt.  The Phoenix Group hosted a very successful black belt retreat in Gallatin, Tennessee, and was well represented at the Centennial Celebration in honor of the founder Choi, Hong Hi.  Many of our schools successfully hosted tournaments.  All in all, I believe it was a great year.

As we look forward to 2019, it is important that we take some time to set personal goals for ourselves. Our goals need to be specific and measurable.  Always ask yourself, “How will I know when I have met the goal, and what do I need to do to get there?”  Try to set one or two goals in several areas, such as: Taekwon-Do, home, family, friends, relationships, spirituality, and community.  Also, it is important to ask ourselves, “What can we do to help make the Phoenix Group better and stronger, and how can we make that happen?”

The Phoenix Group goals for 2019 include helping every school host a tournament.  This goal will require all instructors to look at your calendars and submit a date.  To be successful, each school will need to plan at least 3 months in advance.  The first large tournament (double points) is scheduled in Houston, Texas, on March 30, 2019.  Be sure to add this to your calendar and plan to attend.  

The Phoenix Group is also planning to host an IIC (International Instructor Course).  This will most likely take place in Denver, Colorado.  We anticipate that the course will be held during the month of July; however, we are still working out the details with the ITF.  We will also host a minimum of 4 black belt tests, allowing all of our students the opportunity to promote.  

In October, we will host another Black Belt retreat.  This one will be in Phoenix, Arizona. Attending a retreat is definitely a worthy investment. You may want to set a goal of being a presenter!  We also want to provide local workshops and seminars for any schools requesting. 

It is always our goal to be an organization where everyone grows.  For that to happen we must communicate with each other, so we are aware of your needs.  We are a service organization, and our goal is to serve you! 

 I look forward to the new year together.  Please let me know if there is anything we can do to make your Taekwon-Do experience better. Let’s make it our best year yet!



Suzan Crochet

President-Phoenix Group